Non Invasive Procedures

Non Invasive Procedures such as the ones outlined here can give excellent results in the right hands. There has been a proliferation of outlets offering a variety of such cosmetic procedures leading to concerns over the lack of regulation of this market and recommendations for tighter controls. Most of these treatments are walk in, walk out with a low downtime, which is one reason why they have wrongly been seen as high street options.

Consultations are best done by a specialist surgeon who can offer the full range of options, including surgical ones, so that patients are not steered towards a particular option that may be readily available but not necessarily the best one for that particular situation. These noninvasive procedures range from injections and laser treatments through to minor surgery. The objective is to give a fresher or brighter look and only experienced specialists have the full training, knowledge of anatomical structures and also understanding of risks or side-effects necessary to provide the safest care with the best results.