Facial Surgery

Facial surgery can give great improvement in patients’ self esteem and increased self confidence. It is common for them to say that they wish that they had decided to have surgery years ago. An unsightly facial feature can be a source of considerable unhappiness and with a careful approach to patient selection and counselling it is possible to achieve dramatic improvements. Prior to any facial cosmetic procedure it is essential to have a detailed assessment by an experienced consultant.


This will entail questions about general medical health as well as the particular area of concern. There should be an examination of the specific area and also any other related areas. There may be different options to consider and also whether expectations are realistic. A broad range of procedures are available and only the most popular are shown here. The objective is a natural look so that the appearance is improved or refreshed with other people making comments such as “you are looking well”, rather than giving an “operated-on” look which can appear artificial.